Do I need a training in order to lead a group of Companions in my church or community?

The training is not required to lead a group of Companions. The Leader's Guide was carefully writen to offer leaders what they need to facilitate the group's guidance. If you had not experienced Companions in Christ or you would like ... read more

Can Companions in Christ be used in my Sunday School class or small-group setting?

Companions in Christ includes a two-hour weekly meeting and builds a strong sense of community within the small group. If your Church School meets for that length of time and if your attendance is stable from week to week, Companions may ... read more

What is the best size for a Companions in Christ group?

Eight to ten people is the ideal size. The weekly meeting opens with a time of sharing. Churches who tested Companions during its development discovered that groups with more than ten members often did not have enough time for all ... read more

Is Companions in Christ appropriate for my denomination or independent church?

Companions in Christ was written by well-known writers from diverse theological backgrounds. Churches of various denominations tested it. We believe Companions is well suited for almost any congregation, in any denomination, of any size.

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Is there a recommended order of using Companions resources?

We recommend that you begin with the foundational 28-week Companions resource. Groups made up of seekers or new Christians could benefit from beginning with Exploring the Way, the prequel to the Companions series. After completing the foundational Companions in Christ course, you may choose the topic ... read more

What is unique about Companions in Christ?

Companions in Christ opens minds and hearts to God in new and transforming ways. Companions in Christ openes minds and hearts... It guides participants into the practice of classic spiritual disciplines so that they understand and grow in those disiplines by experience. ... read more

What is spiritual formation?

Spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ by the gracious working of God's spirit, for the transformation of the world.

Robert Mulholland. Invitation to a Journey (InterVarsity Press, 1993). Spiritual ... read more