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Companions in Christ small-group leaders need to be growing to be good listeners, to be accepting of others, to be patient with the process of formation, and to know how to lead formationally. The Companions Leader's Guides are thoroughly written, and reading the guide may be all the training you need to lead a Companions small group. 

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Leading Formationally

  • Leading a group for spiritual formation differs in many ways from teaching a class or Bible study.
  • In a class, you can gauge your success at the end of the class by whether or not participants demonstrate some grasp of the information.
  • In a group for spiritual formation, your goal is to enable spiritual growth in each group member. You are working in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
  • "Success" will be evident over months and even years in the changed lives of group members.

Teaching a Class emphasizes
Leading a Formation Group emphasizes
Faith experience
Advance preparation
Being present in heart and mind
Grasping information
Enabling spiritual growth


  • A formational leader needs to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit and vigilant in discerning the difference between following the Spirit's lead and going off on a tangent. Such discernment requires careful, prayerful listening. Listening will be much more important than talking in the role of group leader.
  • In a group for spiritual formation, the primary focus is on the personal faith experience of each group member. Each person is seeking to understand and be open to the grace and revelation of God.
  • When group members have read and reflected on a scripture passage, the basis for group discussion is not "What did the author intend to say to readers of that time?" but "How does this passage connect to my life or illuminate my experience?"
  • The type of leadership needed differs from that of a traditional teacher of a church school class or small-group facilitator. As leader, you will read the material and complete the daily exercises along with other members and bring your responses to share with the group. You lead by offering your honest reflections and by trying to enable the group members to listen carefully to one another and to the Spirit in your midst. You are a participant-leader.


Getting Started Guide

The Companions Getting Started Guide by Larry J. Peacock is included in the foundational 28-week Leader’s Guide and is available for download here. It offers ideas for recruiting for a Companions small group, templates and printable resources for promoting a group, and helpful suggestions for ongoing support of a Companions group.

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